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coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B

-by Haunter

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Anonyme: dont worry friend everything will turn out okay in the end. an if theyre not okay with your sexual preference they can curl up into a ball of loser.

it’s not my sexual preference that’s the problem though, and they could very well prevent me from taking a step towards who I want to be

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  • When We Were Lovers
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My lover was already gone
I just warmed up the seat
For somebody new
That you were bound to meet
That somebody who
Would take the place of me
In your feelings

Studio Killers - When We Were Lovers

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[Fan Expo Vancouver]Homestuck Photo Shoot Saturday

Jade to Fuchsia 

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i just realized i’ve never really drawn anything awfully cliché so here goes

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i still wanna do these losers getting all competitive over a game but the beach called to me because SUMMER. it snowed the other day and has been super cold so i had to draw the opposite.

they’re not doing anything couple-y or cute but god knows soul is probably checking maka out under those sunglasses. ‘eyyyy.

and then underneath we’ve got a bonus pic of soul rubbing aloe vera onto her burns and god dammit woman it’s not his fault you fell asleep while reading. he told you to put more sunscreen on. and no she is not enjoying the way his hands are rubbing her back like that, shut up.

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default album art record default album art default album art CD reflection
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Starfucker - Quality Time

If you haven’t heard of Starfucker you are really REALLY missing out.


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Anonyme: Pokestuck starter headcanons. Go!

oh man ok I haven’t thought about pokestuck very much so these are just off the top of my head from the canon starters

john-squirtle jade-chikorita dave-torchic rose-fennekin jane-bulbasaur jake-chimchar dirk-cyndaquil roxy-oshawott

karkat-torchic aradia-turtwig tavros-tepig sollux-froakie nepeta-fennekin kanaya-snivy terezi-charmander vriska-treecko equius-chespin gamzee-totodile eridan-mudkip feferi-piplup